Nurturing Dreams

We live in a corporate world filled with hustle and bustle, where we often feel disconnected from fulfilling our innermost desires. Regrettably, self-care takes a back seat in this unfortunate environment, and allowing ourselves to take the time to heal is completely unfamiliar. The book The Wish Board by Sandra D. Williams delves into the idea of embracing solitude as a means of nurturing ourselves.

The author, through the character of the story, gives the message to reconnect with the inner self. The tale delves in-depth into the story of Olivia, a young girl with a heart full of hope and a sky full of stars. Night after night, Olivia gazes up at the heavens in search of a falling star, eagerly awaiting the chance to make her wish and set her dreams in motion.

But as the days turn into nights and the stars continue to twinkle above her, Olivia learns a valuable lesson – that wishes are not confined to the whims of the universe, but rather, they are within our power to create. With the stroke of a marker and the canvas of her imagination, Olivia creates her very own wish board, a tangible reminder of the dreams that live within her heart.

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