The Wish Board


This fictional story is filled with dreams and possibilities, igniting hope in children’s hearts to pursue their dreams. The tale follows the little girl Olivia and the pure wishes she decides to fulfill through her self-made wish board.

Dear Children, Parents, and Teachers! This empowering narrative is a must-read to keep the flame of hope alive throughout a lifetime.

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Sandra Williams has beautifully illustrated this book ensuring to pore readers’ hearts into it. The magical story of the little girl Olivia begins as one evening, she sits beneath the night sky in search of a falling star like every night when she suddenly gets an idea, she creates her wish board using a piece of paper and a box of colorful markers, forming a canvas for her hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

This wonderful narrative for children imparts a lifetime lesson that nothing is impossible in this world and we simply need to find different paths to fulfill our wishes. The little Olivia also teaches us not to rely on external factors to make our dreams a reality.

Dear Kids! The journey of wishes was not about waiting for the perfect moment or the right opportunity; it was about seizing a moment and making it perfect.

And so, dear children and parents, let the tale of Olivia and her linger in your hearts, as it is a story of endless possibility and unwavering hope. May you too find the courage to chase your dreams and believe in the power of wishes, for as Olivia discovered, the greatest magic of all resides within every one of us.


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